The Criteria for Car Storage

Car Storage College Station


Many individuals see their cars as more than just mechanical devices.; they are reliable companions that deserve the utmost care. Whether you are dealing with a classic beauty, a seasonal vehicle, or simply need a place to park your extra wheels, understanding the criteria for car storage is essential.


  • Choose the proper shelter – The first chapter in the book of car storage begins with selecting a suitable shelter. It is not merely about covering it up but about creating a sanctuary. A garage or a climate-controlled storage unit can shield your car from the elements, securing its look and functionality.


  • A clean start – Particularly when it is in storage, a happy car is clean. Ensure your car is spotless before stowing it away. Vacuum the interior, wash and wax the outer surface, and do not forget the tires. A clean car is more resistant to corrosion and other storage-related issues.


  • Maintenance matters – Car storage is not a set-and-forget deal but an ongoing commitment. Start by changing the oil and filter, and consider adding a fuel stabilizer. Maintain the recommended tire pressure to avoid flat patches, and visit your car periodically to run the engine and maintain the battery’s charge.


  • Security first – Last but not least, consider the security aspect of car storage. Whether using a car storage College Station facility or keeping your car at home, ensure the location is secure. Lock it up, invest in a car cover, and think about adding extra security features, such as an alarm system. Your car deserves to be safe and sound during its hibernation.
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