How to Evaluate Large Storage Units

Arrington Road Self Storage How To Evaluate Storage Unit Size Needed

Large storage units from Arrington Road Self Storage offer a vast canvas for your storage needs, but choosing the right one can be like navigating a labyrinth. Whether you need more room for personal items or are looking to store business inventory, evaluating these spacious storage solutions is a journey. Here is a brief guide to help you master the large storage unit assessment maze.


  • Determine your needs

The first chapter in the book on large storage units begins with a self-assessment. What will you keep in storage, and how much room do you need? This self-awareness ensures you do not pay for extra square footage you will not use.


  • Accessibility and location

Like any treasure worth seeking, accessibility and location are paramount. Choose a storage facility that is conveniently located so you can access your items without embarking on a quest of its own. Think about the ease of drive-up access; loading and unloading your treasures can be done faster and with less effort.


  • Security measures

Ensuring the safety of your cherished belongings is a critical part of the assessment process. When evaluating large storage units, inquire about the facility’s security measures. Look for features like surveillance cameras, well-lit premises, secure access controls, and attentive on-site staff. These safeguards protect your possessions as if they were hidden gems.


  • Climate control consideration

Climate control is the knight in shining armor for delicate treasures, like antique furniture or valuable artwork. Assess whether the storage unit offers climate control, keeping the humidity and temperature constant. This protection ensures your belongings emerge from storage as pristine as when you entrusted them.

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